Andorhal: The Obsidian Descent

The world of Lyris lies in ruin. The Black Armies of the Lich Lord Tik’roshi march with a tireless fervor toward the very bounds of the Prime Material Plane. Most of the civilized peoples of the world have either been enslaved, fled, or slaughtered. The world is a barren necropolis. Only small points of light exist in the darkness. Small encampments that tirelessly defend their loved ones against the unrelenting hordes of Tik’roshi’s plague. In 10,000 years Lyris has not experienced such dark times. Not since the wars of the Old Gods.

However there is a single beacon of hope left on this wretched land. A single city which holds the majority of all civilized life left on Lyris. Andorhal was crafted by the heads of each civilized race, and is defended tirelessly against the most powerful lords of Lyris, including the Archmage himself Martin Flamento. Andorhal stands as a bulwark between Tik’roshi’s black armies and access to the greater planes beyond our Prime Material Plane. However if humanity does not fight back, they will be quickly eradicated.

To complicate matters rumors riding the night wind as a whisper tell of greater plans by the Lich Lord. Whispers of an ancient threat, a great power that the Lich Lord seeks to unleash. Without the help of our brave heroes, he may very well succeed.


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