A 500 year old living construct of profound complexity...


Aegis was created over 500 years ago by a powerful wizard. He was forged in the black fires of the Dark Ages. Times when great evil still fell from the heavens as punishment for the dark acts during the War of The Old Gods. Aegis’ name bears his primary function. The wizard who created him, whose name Aegis will reveal, knew that he needed a powerful protector if he was to survive these dark ages.

Aegis, though a slave to his master, was treated as an equal. While he served to protect his master, the wizard brought intelligence to his warforged creation. Over time Aegis learned to read, to write, and began to gain a deeper understanding of the world. He poured over books and lessons, so that one day, when his master was gone, he might wander the world, free and capable.

Though Warforged are inherently inhuman, they do feel emotion. Long after Aegis creator left him, Aegis fell in love with an Elven woman, Thi’riss. Though Aegis cared deeply for his master, he had never experienced this intense of love before. Despite the objections of her father and the elven community, Thi’riss pledged to be wed to Aegis. However it was not to be. The Elven High Council exiled Aegis from their lands. As punishment for his treason against the Elven tribes, she was married off to the Cayden Coppercup, an especially insidious dwarf lord, whose wealth offers him considerable influence across Lyris.

Aegis has never recovered from this heartbreak. In truth he still loves Thi’riss, and hopes to one day be able to march on the Fortress of Cayden in order to reclaim his wronged love.


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