Ambrosia Sunscar

A tiefling sorcerer with a fiery attitude...


Ambrosia Sunscar is a fiery young tiefling who has recently come into apprenticeship under the great Martin Flamento. Only 25 years of age this red-headed, emerald eyed beauty has been training night and day to master the powers of the arcane arts. She came as a wide eyed apprentice to learn from Martin flamento after her village of planar refugees was destroyed by the black march of Tik’roshi’s army. The great city of Andorhal has been her home since its formation.

Specializing in ray attacks, Ambrosia often lets her temperament be known to those she disagrees with in the form of a scorching ray to the heart. Brash and arrogant, Ambrosia has come a long way in her five years of tutoring. Now, Martin Flamento feels that she is ready to put her talents to good use, and sends her with his latest group of heroes in hopes of one day destroying Tik’roshi. Ambrosia is cunning and insightful, but her greatest talent lies with her charm. Having the high charisma of a sorcerer, she is as masterful at cutting down an opponent with words as she is at blowing them apart with magic.

Ambrosia Sunscar

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