King Kaldon Lionhart

The noble lord protectorate and king of humans


A man of great stature King Kaldon stood an entire head above most men. He proudly wears the heavy arms of a battle-hardened king. The glistening plate armor that adorned his chest was clearly of kingly craftsmanship. Embedded in the breast plate of the dark haired king was a platinum inlaid open hand, the symbol of the Order of the Silver Hand.

A warm and affectionate king who rules with the virtues of courage and wisdom, King Kaldon staved off battle for as long as he could, until it was apparent that the Black Armies of Tik’roshi could not be ignored any longer. Having taken up the throne 15 years ago when his father was prematurely murdered by the black dragon Runya’Gurtha or Flaming Death in the common tongue. Since then King Kaldon has sworn vengeance, but the plague of the Black Army has delayed his pursuit of the cunning dragon.

Now King Kaldon stands as one of the Five Lords who make their home in Andorhal. His knowledge of warfare and combat has been critical in the survival of the city. Additionally his own elite guard trains the soldiers used to patrol the city and train the standing army.

King Kaldon Lionhart

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