Martin Flamento

Martin Flamento is arguably the most legendary wizard who ever lived...


Stats Unknown


Not a man of grand stature, Martin Flamento stands of average height. He is adorned in purple robes bearing deep azure stars about the hem. He walks with a humble confidence, as if each step was with an exacting purpose. Due to his ability to manipulate time, his age is unknown, however his appearance would leave one to believe that he was no more than forty.

While Martin Flamento’s grand exploits are known to all, his humble origins are a secret to all. Though few, if any, know how he came into power, it is known that he is the master of one of the most powerful magical artifacts in the world. Simply called ‘The Door’, this magical artifact allows Martin Flamento to transverse time at will. Some believe that this has caused a flux in the space/time continuum, as Martin Flamento appears all throughout history, spanning thousands of years. Others believe that The Door’s powers are exaggerated.

Currently Martin Flamento is one of the Five Lords who guard the last civilized city, Andorhal. Through powerful magical enhancements, the city is able to stave off the continuous onslaught of the Black Army, led by the Lich Lord Tik’roshi.

Martin Flamento

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