Mirda Vess

A soft spoken, devout cleric of Pelor


Mirda Vess has never been an intimidating young woman. However the strength of her convictions has made her one of the most powerful clerics in the land. Standing at a mousy 5’4", her chestnut hair and fair complexion sing a ballad of soft beauty rather than the fiery tenacity that has often been associated with the holy order of clerics, especially in these dark times. However her deep azure eyes tell a sorrowful tale of lamentable loss and deep suffering. However Mirda has overcome the hardships of her life, and stood as a bastion of light to all those who come to know her. As a humble servant for Pelor, Mirda will only channel her divine power in order to help save her friends. She does this through aiding spells and healing spells primarily. She will only use a damaging spell toward an enemy if it is necessary to immediately save her life or the life of a comrade, though even then she often opts to heal as support.

Mirda is relatively quiet and soft spoken, though she does often voice her opinion, it may go unnoticed in the din of the conversation. Mirda believes in the purest of virtues, and refuses to participate directly in lying, cheating, stealing, or any other nefarious activity, such as torture. She adheres to the highest ideals of her divine order. Though a humble servant, Mirda has a weakness for sweets and beautiful fabrics. Though she rarely allows herself to indulge, believing instead that her money should go toward the impoverished, or towards making herself stronger healer in the name of Pelor, she does have a handful of precious worldly trinkets that she has received as gifts.

Mirda Vess

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