• Astrid Legna Creato

    Astrid Legna Creato

    female, copper red hair with angelic feathers, green eyes with gold ring around the pupil, tan almost gold tint to skin. Clothing earth tones with some blue tones.
  • Marius of the Flaming Maul

    Marius of the Flaming Maul

    Marius. Astral Deva. 6’8” tall and with a slender build that doesn't reflect his great strength. His bright red and orange hair and wings he looks a bit like he is aflame. He has red eyes and a dark complexion. He wears shining chainmail on bare
  • Aegis


    A 500 year old living construct of profound complexity...
  • Ambrosia Sunscar

    Ambrosia Sunscar

    A tiefling sorcerer with a fiery attitude...
  • King Kaldon Lionhart

    King Kaldon Lionhart

    The noble lord protectorate and king of humans
  • Martin Flamento

    Martin Flamento

    Martin Flamento is arguably the most legendary wizard who ever lived...
  • Mirda Vess

    Mirda Vess

    A soft spoken, devout cleric of Pelor